Saturday, March 31, 2007

Green Acres Flea Market

On the way back home, we walked Green Acres Flea Market, and it has really gone downhill since I last visited. About half of the vendors are gone, and what is left is bad garage sale fodder. On a bright note, they still have live chickens and rabbits, and today there were baby chicks and baby bunnies, just in time for Easter.

We came home by way of Wal-Mart, where we bought a few groceries, and got a flat of bedding flowers for our new place. Once I rest up from our busy morning, I may go to work on some flowers. We already have some nice tulips coming up in the bed at the front door, and there are a few grape hyacinth plants here and there in the yard.

Cokesbury Consignment Sale

Sherry, Sarah and I went to the kids' consignment sale at Cokesbury Methodist Church this morning to spend $50.00 Mom gave Sherry to spend on Boong there. She found several cute outfits, and we got out of there for about $22.00.

La went before we did, and she was very happy to find a cherry sleigh bed style crib for Grace. She said she also found a bunch of cute outfits. The place closed at noon and will reopen at 1:00 p.m. for a half price sale.

Road to Nowhere

I've seen increasing coverage in the media recently about the "Road to Nowhere," which was intended to run along the north shore of Fontana Lake in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. When the area was flooded in the 1940's, the lake covered a road that allowed access to a cemetary or cemetaries on the north side, but construction of the new road was halted because of environmental concerns.

I must admit, I instinctively recoil at the idea of putting any more roads in the Smokies, and it would be horrible to look across Fontana Lake and see highway on the park side. There is a movement afoot to permanently cancel the road project and to compensate Swain County, North Carolina, for the road it lost in the 1940's.

Roy's Record Shop to Close

Roy's Record Shop in downtown Maryville, where I bought my acoustic guitar, is closing after this weekend. They announced that they were closing in 2005, but the store has remained open. I went in there about a month ago to buy the new Jimmy Buffett CD, and they didn't have it. In fact, it looked like they were in garage sale mode, just trying to sell down as much as they could before closing. The article in today's Daily Times says that he owns the building, and with Maryville growning like it is, I hope he gets a good price for it.

Downtown Brewery

The Downtown Brewery on Gay Street in Knoxville was operating under a different name when I left town, but it's still a pretty lively place to be on Friday evening. I had the house porter and stout, both of which were nice brews, and the appetizers weren't bad either. Sherry and I split a serving of salmon, which was quite good, and we still made it home by 8:00 a.m. before I turn into a pumpkin. Boong seemed to enjoy herself, and I followed her around the place on a couple of tours. It's nice to see downtown Knoxville thriving.

Friday, March 30, 2007

To Downtown Knoxville

We've concluded our duties for today and are at Stately Fuzzy Manor and getting ready to head to downtown Knoxville for appetizers at a local brewery.

Busy Wednesday

It was a busy Wednesday indeed! The Red Cross breakfast was a very nice white tablecloth affair, and was much bigger than I thought it would be. I saw a lot of old friends, and we shared a table with District Attorney General Mike Flynn and his wife. The event was held right across the hall from the Hilton's indoor pool, which caught Sarah's eye right away. It was all we could do to keep her from jumping in.

I spent most of the day in court, though I was able to come home for a bite of lunch with Sherry and Sarah. After I took care of a bit of paperwork at the house, we loaded up and went out for supper to the Northshore Drive Ruby Tuesday.

Today is similarly busy for me, since I have morning court and an appointment with a new accountant this afternoon with regard to our 2006 taxes. Sherry has been researching some moms' groups, and plans to take Sarah out to Louisville Point Park today for an event with one of them. It looks like the weather will cooperate with them.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Red Cross Heroes

The Blount County Chapter of the American Red Cross is having a breakfast at the Airport Hilton this morning to honor volunteers who have distinguished themselves over the past year. I was unable to attend the grand opening of the new chapter house several weeks ago, and received an invitation to attend this breakfast. It will be the first Red Cross function I've attended since we've been back in East Tennessee. I am a former board member and chapter chair, and I hope I can once again become involved with our local chapter of the Red Cross.

After the Red Cross breakfast, I have court at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., so it will be a busy day for me.


I had a productive Wednesday, which included getting my income tax information together and scheduling an appointment with a local accountant. Sherry was kind enough to take Sarah out and about to run some errands, which gave me some quiet time to catch up on some work.

After meeting a client of mine, Sherry and Sarah met Laura and Grace at Springbrook Park, and Laura and Grace dropped by the house after everyone was through with the park. It's nice to have everyone so close.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Sherry and I are trying to get back to walking. I used to walk three miles a day until Sarah was born, and am hoping to get back into the habit this season. Off I go!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We Have Air Support

When we visit the Destin area, which is near Eglin Air Force Base, we frequently see military jets overhead. My friend Randy, who takes us sailing down there, likes to say "We have air support." Our new place is right in the flight path of the airport here, and we've had military jets flying here for a couple of days. We apparently have air support.

When we were out at the lake on Sunday a fighter flew so low to the lake I saw the pilot in the cockpit, and I think I saw him wave.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Begone Boxes

We have cleared all boxes from our den, kitchen and most of the upstairs, and I've broken all of the boxes we've emptied so far down and hauled them to the curb for the trash service to take away tomorrow. We have a long way to go, but it's feeling more like home as we fill it with our stuff.

Enterprise Maiden Voyage 2007

Well, we visited the big island, Bacchanalia, which is across from Louisville Point Park, yesterday, and though the campsite needs some cleaning up, it can be camped upon. All of the big spools that were out there have fallen apart, so the first order of business will have to be a big fire to burn up the rotten wood. We only had one boat, and had five adults and Sarah to ferry back and forth, so we didn't explore Mad Goose Island, which was the better campsite. We all, however, got covered in red clay Louisville Lake mud and caught some rays before heading back to our place to grill some burgers. While I was out on the lake, I belted out a few Tarzan yells to let the locals know I'm back.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

To the Lake

Fraz is supposed to call this morning so that we can put the Enterprise (my canoe) on the waters of Louisville Lake for the first time this season. Indeed, it will be the first time she's been on her home lake since I moved to Nashville in 2001. Yesterday was warm and pretty, and today's supposed to be a repeat of yesterday, so I'm looking forward to inspecting the islands.


Les, Fraz and Burgin came over yesterday to help us unload the rest of our household goods and furnishings from the U-Haul truck. Mom came by briefly for a visit and to bring Sarah her Cinderella tent. We also filled up Sarah's wading pool, which she enjoyed. We still have plenty of boxes left to unpack, but we made a lot of progress.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Unloading Another #@$%&** Truck

Les and Fuzzy have arrived, and we have most of the easy stuff off of the U-Haul at this point. Frazier's buddy, Burgin, is also coming over to help. We expect Wannie any time now, and Ta will be glad to see her. We have Sarah's plastic pool filled up in the front yard, and she's sporting her bathing suit and sunning herself while we unload.

Tennessee Mens' Basketball

Tennessee mens' basketball team lost by one point to Ohio State and ended their season. Coach Pearl referred to the "resurrection" of Tennessee mens' basketball on TV this morning, and it certainly seems as though Knoxville is a lot more interested in the mens' team than it was five years ago. I'm mainly a football fan, but since my brother-in-law Frazier is a basketball fan as well, I suspect I'll watch plenty of it next winter.

Miss Tennessee is Miss USA

I don't follow such things, but the local news here is reporting that Miss Tennessee, a girl from Clarksville, won the Miss USA pageant last night.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Somebody Rolled the Neighbors

When I got back to Lively Road this afternoon, I saw that someone rolled the neighbor's trees fairly effectively. This is way out of season. Shouldn't the Easter Bunny intervene? (Disclaimer: This photo is NOT of my neighbor's house.)

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Livingston!

My friends, Rat (a/k/a Ken) and Mirela Livingston, just called us from Charleston, South Carolina, where they are celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary. They sounded like they were having a blast, and Rat said they were staying in a pretty swanky inn.


Tired and Testy

The move this morning was more than I thought it would be. Thank goodness U-Haul didn't have the small truck we asked for available. They gave us the next size up for the lower price, and we pretty much filled it up. Even so we had to leave my bar and a nice door chest we'd hoped to bring. I also lost my cell phone in the last five minutes we were at Old Harding Pike, so by the time we split Nashville, I was beyond testy to downright irritated.

The smaller truck was more pleasant to drive, and I listened to my Team of Rivals audiobook (by Doris Kearns Goodwin) on the way home. I'm starting to unwind now that I'm home, and I suspect a shower will do much to mellow me the rest of the way down. What a day!

I should also give a word of thanks here to good ol' Scott Mayer, who got up early the day before his vacation to load the truck with us. He also charmed Sarah, who was quite affectionate with him by the end of our labors.

Spring Break

Jake and Joey have been on Spring Break this week, and they are enjoyed the comforts of Sunset Ridge with their dad yesterday. The trio plans to head to the beautiful Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg tonight. The Park Vista has an indoor swimming pool, so they'll love that.

I've also noticed, since Sherry and I have been working pretty hard on moving duties, in addition to our professional duties, that vacations are being taken. A lawyer I have a case with E-mailed me from Florida to appeal to my "humanity" to postpone a court date so he wouldn't have to cut his trip short. The thought of sunny Florida struck a chord with me, so I found myself agreeing. (We already have our condo reserved for the first week of June!)

Gracie Photos

I've been meaning to post some more photos of my niece, Grace, so here's one from the pictures we took at the hospital shortly after her birth on January 11. Here's Sherry and Sarah posing with Gracie.
This photo is of Sarah holding Grace for the first time, and it was taken at the hospital. We got Sarah to hold still just long enough for this photo, and then she started saying, "Get it off! Get it off!"

Wasted Food

Unfortunately, last Friday when I cleaned out our extra 'fridge, I forgot to put the cooler full of food on the truck, so it's been sitting on the back porch for a week. Also, since the power is off at Old Harding Pike, the inside 'fridge is full of food that will also probably need to be thrown away, though it was still cool when we went by there last night. What a waste! At least it hasn't started to stink.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

On the Cumberland River In Nashville

We're here at Grams' place. I just talked to my friend Scott, who is going to help us load up the last few pieces of furniture tomorrow morning before he heads off to the Caribbean for a cruise. The power and water is off at Old Harding Pike, so I brought a bucket to haul some cleaning water from Grams' house to OHP.

First Appearance in Blount Juvenile

I had juvenile court in Maryville for the first time in five years, and it was a really nice feeling being back. Sherry and I are about to head to Nashville with the Boong to gather up the rest of our belongings from Old Harding Pike, and Mark is about to pick up Joey and Jake for a couple of days in Gatlinburg.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Goin' Dancin'

Wednesday nights local Knoxville favorite Dave Landeo plays the El Sazon on Alcoa Highway across from the airport. He was out of town last Wednesday, but Sarah cut a rug to the music of his stand-in. We're heading back out there shortly for Mexican food, guitar pickin' and Boong dancin'.

Dos Dos Equis Manuel.

Working in the Garage

We have a huge stack of boxes in our garage, and we still have several pieces of furniture that will need to fit in there after we come back from Nashville. We've made at least some progress, and I'm still hopeful that I'll be able to set up my den in the back of the garage. We'll see.

The Fuzzies are supposed to be here in the next half hour or so with Laura's desk, which she's going to lend to us for a couple of years. Sherry's going to use it as her work desk down in the den, and it's absence from Stately Graham Manor will give La more room for Gracie's nursery.

Welcome Spring!

Today is the first day of spring, the equinox. Life is good!

Still Thinking About the Lake

It was really cool to be back out at Louisville Point Park yesterday, and I think the kids enjoyed it as well. I need to buy some straps to make loading my canoe on top of my car easier. This isn't my canoe. Unfortunately, my canoe, which was once red, is now pink, having been bleached by the sun. Still, you get the idea.

Sarah Potter

Our new townhouse on Lively Road in Maryville has a space under the stairs, similar to where Harry Potter lives with his horrible Muggle relatives. Naturally, Sarah has claimed the space as "my house." We bought her a battery operated push button light, and she pulled her Elmo sofa into the space as well. Sherry hooked up our mini DVD player and put it in there for her, so it's a Boong paradise.

Sarah With Mouse

Sherry took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese recently, and this photo of Sarah clearly shows her delight, despite the weird mouse that hitched a ride in her convertible.

To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Here are Jake and Sherry exploring a strange, orange planet with a red sky and paparazzi.

Satchmo Ferrelli

As I've reported here before, Fifth Grade brought us the school band and brass horns in the house. Here's Joey praticing in his closet at Old Harding Pike.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back in Blount County Juvenile Court

Well, I visited the Blount County Juvenile Court yesterday morning and was appointed to two new cases there. The judge's secretary called this afternoon to ask me to take a third, which is on the docket this Thursday morning. I'm looking forward to my return as an officer of that particular court, where I practiced so frequently in my early days as a lawyer.

When I first started practicing in Maryville in 1993, my bosses asked me what kind of lawyer I wanted to be. I replied that I wanted to be a courtroom lawyer. They said, "Get thee to the juvenile court, my son." So there I went, and I learned a lot.

Louisville Lake Mud Between My Toes

My toes oozed into the mud on the bottom of my beloved Louisville Lake for the first time in over five years when I took Jake and Joey and Sarah down to the lake for a romp on the shore while Sherry got an afternoon nap in. We all four went wading. It rocked.

Monday, March 19, 2007

OgleMoore Hits the Blogs

Check out Debra Dylan's coverage of OgleMoore Public Relations on her blog,
Entertainers aren’t the only ones well represented in Knoxville. OgleMoore, a three year old full-time public relations company, offers assistance to writers. With over 20 years of combined experience, Leslie Ogle and Emily Moore offer services that include research, copyediting, book editing, proofreading, book publicity, public relations, manuscript review, speechwriting, writing coach (including songwriting), and ghost writing.
Leslie Ogle has 17 years of marketing, public relations, and media and advertising experience. She has a master’s degree in public relations/journalism and has taught college level communication classes. Ms. Ogle has also worked in book publicity for over 10 years. She credits Dottie DeHart and Celia Rocks of Rocks-DeHart Public Relations, as her mentors. “Through them, I learned so much, and gained PR expertise that I never would have gotten anywhere else.”
Her writing has appeared in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Time, among others. She has also booked clients on The Today Show, Oprah, CNN, Bloomberg Radio and National Public Radio.
Emily Moore has worked at Nathan Public Relations in New York. She also has extensive experience with creative marketing in the New York theatre world. Her writing has appeared in Technology Review, The Pak Tribune, and Chocolate for a Teen’s Soul, as well as other publications.
She is also an editor, ghostwriter, published songwriter, and jingle composer. She has studied extensively under Sheila Davis, author of The Craft of Lyric Writing. “One of Shelia’s primary and most valuable lessons regarding lyric-writing is the eloquently simple, “Don’t tell me; show me.” That advice directly applies to fiction as well, and when followed, produces the most original results.”
OgleMoore edits and proofreads all types of manuscripts, including books, short stories, speeches, business reports, government white papers and screenplays. “We enrich the experience of authors by helping them to see incongruous plot or character developments they may have overlooked, or dramatic conflicts they may not have thought of. And if we think your manuscript needs a rewrite before you engage our editing services, we’re going to tell you that as well,” says Emily.
In local writer Ron Miller’s travel autobiography Escape from the Happy Cannibal, Miller acknowledged gratitude for Leslie and Emily’s professional assistance: “You went far beyond the normal role of editors...and added valuable input to the content of the book, and greatly enhanced its readability."
“Our face-to-face contact with Ron Miller has proved very rewarding. Ron initially asked us to edit his autobiography. Once it was published, he continued our association by engaging us as his publicists.” Ron Miller is presently on an extensive nationwide book tour, which included appearances at Knoxville’s Borders Bookstore and Mast General Store.
For more information, please contact:OgleMoore Website Direct lines/emails: Leslie Ogle 865.609.1199 Emily Moore 865.254.5244

Afternoon Update

I went over to Mom's today to recover most of the rest of our stuff that we've either stored or been using while imposing on her for weeks at a time these recent months. I picked up Biff on the way over to Mom's so we could shoot the bull a bit, since he finished his responsibilities early today. (It's hard to visit when you're hauling furniture.) Sherry's working on her latest freelance project, and the boys are watching hockey. I hear Sarah's computer game on the new computer Les bestowed upon us, so we're all Information Age around here after doing without a land line phone, online service and cable television for (gasp!) two days!.

St. Patty's Moving Day

Shortly after we arrived with the truck at our new place, the troops arrived to help us unload it, which only took a couple of hours with all the friends and family who showed up to help. Mom, Sike, Biff and Leah Byrd, Bart Yancey, Les and Fraz, and Fraz's buddy Burgin all helped out. La and Stew came over Sunday morning with Gracie, and La returned later to help Sherry and Mom work on the kitchen. Biff and Leah also stopped by Sunday with two chickens, roasted taters, mac and cheese and a big ol' caramel cake for us. Yummy!

Our new next door neighbors sent over a tray of snacks for us Saturday, and Sherry bought them a plant to thank them for their neighborly gesture. I visited Blount County Juvenile Court today, and discovered that the neighbors are the grandparents of the newest clerk in that office. It's a small world in Blount County.

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

As promised, here is the photo of Sherry and Sarah posing with the famous Oscar Mayer Weinermobile at the Kroger in Bellevue.

Online in Maryville!

The Charter Communication guys were just here, and they have our computers online, so the virtual office is up and running here in Maryville. I got my first two new Blount County juvenile cases in five years this morning, so we're off and running!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Tired as Hell and Running Out of Truck

We're loading up this U-Haul so fast I'm afraid we're going to run out of truck. Mom and Sarah headed back to Knoxville this morning with my faded canoe strapped to the top of Mom's Cadillac. We're tired as hell already, and we've got a lot of stuff left to put on this truck.

Moving Crew Arrives

Mom and Les got here about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, and as soon as Jake and Joey got home from school I put the lot of them out in the garage and got half the attic unloaded. The kids love to go into the attic, so I stationed J&J up there to hand things down to the rest of us.

We have to go and pick up the truck this morning at 7:00, and the loading can commence. It's going to be a long day of real work. I have a couple of friends here in Nashville that are planning to come help, the aforementioned Dave Henry, and Scott Mayer. I'm pretty sure Sherry's friend, Jessica, is going to help us again, too.

On the East Tennessee end we've got Sike, Bartlette, and Biff all planning to come by at some point and lend a hand, and I just sent out a desperate E-mail plea. We'll certainly appreciate whatever help we get on both ends of this trip.

Lunch with David Henry

I had lunch downtown yesterday with my friend David Henry, a fellow East Tennessean transplant to Nashville. Dave works in the L&C Building, a Nashville landmark, and so I parked at the nearby Printers Alley parking garage, where I used to park way back in 2002 when I opened up my first office here in Nashville on Printers Alley. It felt kind of weird, sort of strange and familiar at the same time.

Anyway, Dave and I had lunch at a Kebab Gyros joint on Fourth Avenue, and he referred a business client to me in East Tennessee. I talked to the lady after I returned to the house, and the work sounds promising. It would sure be nice to have a good bread and butter client right off the bat.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Concerts We'll Never See

Sherry and I have agreed that we will never go see the musical show Celtic Woman, even if they team up with Yanni for a special concert. Whoa!

Moving Crew to Arrive Today

Mom and Les are supposed to be here this afternoon to assist us in the process of loading all of our household goods, furnishings and personal effects onto a truck for transportation to Maryville. I also need to get Laura to meet up with our new landlady today or tomorrow to get a key to our new place so we can enter when we arrive Saturday. It is hard to believe the day is at hand!

Sharon Bowar

My Aunt Joan sent me a link to her step-daughter's website, and I thought I'd share it here. I've probably met Sharon, though I don't know her well. Her site features her artwork, which is impressive (not impressionistic).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lunch With Grams

Hi Grams, and thanks for lunch! We visited Grams this morning, and she treated us to lunch at the Paradise Ridge Grill, a neighborhood favorite. I had a hearty hamburger steak smothered in browned onions and mushrooms, with mashed potatoes covered in cheese and other goodies. Sherry had the barbeque, which is the specialty of the house, and she gave me a bite of it. It was yummy, and very sweet. Grams had a BLT sandwich that looked pretty tasty, and Boong had her usual chicken tenders.

We dropped by on Sherry's grandmother, whom we know as GG, after lunch, and found that she was entertaining her sister, Betty. The sisters had just finished a couple of burgers and were enjoying the breeze on GG's back porch when we got there. We visited with them for a bit before heading home for the afternoon.

J&J are at soccer practice, and are two days away from Spring Break. Life is good!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Black Gold-Texas Tea!

Someone struck oil in Overton County, Tennessee, on the Upper Cumberland Plateau last Friday, and it's one of the biggest wells in Tennessee in the past thirty years. Jed would be proud.

Walk on the Harpeth

Sherry and Sarah and I walked up the Harpeth River along Morton Mill Drive this morning after dropping Jake and Joey off for school. The river was back down after being high after recent rains. Sarah is just at the right age (i.e. three) where she appreciates the vast entertainment value that one can find in throwing rocks into a body of water, so we induged her for a while at the riverside.

Monday, March 12, 2007

House O Boxes

We have more done on our moving project than I would have thought. Sherry just got the information she needs to start work on her latest graphic design project, so it's a good thing we're ahead of the game.

We've had really nice weather, and so the kids have been taking advantage of the time change and playing in the yard.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Strikers

Jake and Joey's soccer team, the Strikers, has begun it's current season. They practiced yesterday in Brentwood for an hour, and they have a game in Bowling Green, Kentucky, today. They enjoy their soccer, but it definitely dominates a lot of the time that they aren't in school and/or studying.

I've been through Bowling Green during some of my travels to court in Kentucky, and it is a really pretty area. It is as flat as a pancake, but the spacious fields through the countryside up there are really pretty. It looks like it'll be a nice day for a road trip!

Time Zoned

I've traveled back and forth between the eastern and central time zones all of my life, so I'm sort of used to it. I've been running on eastern time all last week, which is more familiar to me, and now I've just returned to central time in time for the day when you set your watch ahead one hour, to eastern time. God I'm confused.

Actually, it works out nicely, and it will give us a week before we have to spring forward another hour for living in the eastern time zone.

Early Boong

I got up this morning at what was in my world 3:15 a.m. (Actually, it was 4:15 a.m., because of the early time change.) My intention was to return to bed, but when I looked out in the living room the light was on. Sarah was sitting on the sofa.

At that point I didn't figure I would get back to sleep anyway, which means I would just roll around and keep Sherry from sleeping to. I decided to just curl up on the sofa and try to get Sarah to go back to sleep there, which worked. Dawn is just breaking, and Sarah is starting to stir.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kings Mountain Messenger

There was a nice story in today's Tennessean about restoration of a grave monument for Joseph Greer, a hero of the American Revolution. American settlers from the Appalachian Mountains defeated British troops at Kings Mountain, South Carolina. At that point in the war morale was low, and Greer was dispatched to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia to deliver the good news. He arrived on November 7, 1780, and "muscled his way into a meeting of the Continental Congress to tell of the win." His grave is in Petersburg, Tennessee, about 70 miles south of Nashville.

Visit to Sunset Ridge

Sherry and I decided to take a day off to rest up at La and Stew's Sunset Ridge cabin in Pigeon Forge on Thursday. We ate at an Italian joint in Gatlinburg for supper that night, and Sarah was disturbed by one rather overweight female dummy that advertised a miniature golf place on the Parkway. She said, "She eats everything she wants."

I had court in Maryville Friday morning, and we got back to Nashville in time to pick up Joey and Jake from school. Sherry and the boys have gone for her hair appointment and to see Grams, and I'm hanging with Sarah. I think we'll go get lunch shortly.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Steve Escapes from Psychiatric Hospital

I just got back from visiting a local mental hospital in connection with a hearing in which I am involved. Fortunately, they did not attempt to diagnose me, and I was permitted to leave after concluding my business there.

Nobody Move, or Raggedy Ann Gets It

We posed this hoping for a cute photo of Ta with her Raggedy Ann dress and doll, but we ended up with a sinister-looking Boong scowling for the camera and ready to wreak evil upon Raggedy Ann.

Powering Up

Sherry and I spent yesterday morning doing the paperwork necessary to have a functional home when we move ourselves St. Patty's Day weekend. We plan to spend next week packing the house and making ready to load a truck, and we're both anxious to get back to Nashville to begin the process. However, I have one, perhaps two, hearings Friday in Blount County I'll have to attend to before we can head west.

I noticed that Dave Landeo, a local singer and guitar player, is playing at a Mexican restaurant across from the Knoxville airport on Wednesday evenings, so we're going to meet La and Les there for supper this evening and listen to Dave play a few songs. La has a doctor appointment this afternoon, and she's bringing Grace over here to Mom's for Sherry to babysit shortly.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ogle-Moore Public Relations

My sister, Leslie, and her partner, Emily Moore, who have been in business together for some time, have launched their updated website. Check it out. They are an impressive team, and are guiding the rest of us as we launch our new business endeavors.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Baby Grace

La also sent some photos of Grace, who is becoming more and more lively.

Sunset Ridge

La and Stew were up at their new Sunset Ridge cabin working last weekend. Here's a photo from the place, in case you were wondering how it got its name.

Jane's Neice

Since I've been blogging photos of everbody's kids, here's one of Jane's neice, Ashley.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

La and Ta

Here's a photo of La and Ta in Laura's recovery room after Grace was born.
Sorry for the delay. I'll get more photos online soon.

Must he always wear tie-dye for a birth?

Grace at the hospital

Leslie and Grace at the hospital

It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy

As long as I'm posting cute kid photos, here's one of Ta and me posing with the Cheetos mascot at the grand opening of the new Publix across the street from our house in Bellevue.

Latest Pics from the Georges

Johnny and Karen just sent us a bunch of their recent photos. Here's Karen and Teddy.

Johnny and Natalie

Road Trip

We're back on the road this morning to Mom's house for next week. I have court in Maryville Monday and Friday, so we'll head back to Nashville Friday as soon as I get out of court. Sherry will have her next batch of freelance work waiting for her when we get home.

I spoke with both La and Les yesterday, and it sounded like they would try to come over for a visit after we get to Knoxville, which will probably be around noon. Maybe we can even do lunch.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

Speaking of bologna, the famous Oscar Meyer Weinermobile visited our neighborhood yesterday. I took Sherry and Sarah's photo with the Weinermobile as a backdrop, so keep an eye out for it in a week or so.

The thing was in the Kroger parking lot, and I suspect Kroger was trying to duplicate the carnival atmosphere that attended the opening of the new Publix across the street from our house. The Cheetos cheetah was here for that, and I'll post one of the photos of Sarah and me with him tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to Grams

We had lunch with Sherry's mom, her grandmother, and Aunt Betty and Mary Helen at one of Grams's favorite neighborhood restaurants, the Paradise Ridge Grill. I had the best fried bologna sandwich I ever had in my life! Grams was born on February 29, so this was her birthday lunch, and Mary Helen bought lunch for everyone.

Titans News

Today's Tennessean reports that the Titans are likely to let UT alumnus Travis Henry go in order to avoid a big payment they'd otherwise owe him. I'm disappointed, since Henry was a UT standout.

I am not a fan of Adam "Pacman" Jones, who has distinguished himself as more of a thug than a football player during his time with the Titans, but the Tennessean seems to have dropped any pretense at objectivity with regard to Jones. The newspaper is obviously gunning for him to be fired, and I'm not so sure that's a journalist's business. I looked through an online photo gallery of Jones photos the other day, and even the images they publish communicate a clear message: Fire Pacman Jones.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


I swear, I think Sarah grew perceptibly in a week. I got home late yesterday afternoon, but I sure enjoyed having lunch with Duncan and visiting my old office. Whenever I've been in the lobby since I left, I've had a compulsion to look in the slot where my telephone messages used to be. LaJuana, who classed up the office I used to occupy, has been kind enough to send me several referrals, for which I am most appreciative.

I spent most of today on administrative work I haven't been able to attend to from my temporary satellite office in East Tennessee. Joey and Jake and Sarah had a good romp in the backyard after J&J got home, and we've been feasting on some venison chili. Yummy!

Tomorrow, I have a trial in Murfreesboro, and then we're heading back to Maryville for court on Monday and Friday. I'm increasingly busy, which suits me fine.