Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ron's Baked Beans

My stepfather Ron makes wonderful baked beans, and I've had his recipe on an index card for years. I never attempted the dish until yesterday, but it was close to what I remember Ron's tasting like. Here's my version:

Two large cans of baked beans from store
1 and 1/2 to 2 pounds of hamburger
Three large onions
1 Tbsp. mustard
Less than half a bottle of ketchup
1/2 cup of brown sugar
Pound of bacon

Brown hamburger and onions together and season with salt, pepper and Praise Wally to taste.. Mix remaining ingredients except bacon in bowl. Drain hamburger/onion mixture when done and add to bowl. Cook bacon, but not until crispy. Drain and add to bowl. Empty bowl into casserole dish(es) and cook for an hour to an hour and a half at 350 degrees.

Family, Friends Barbecue and Beans

We had family, friends, barbecue and beans for my birthday event here at our place yesterday. Biff cooked two pork butts over eight hours Friday night, so the barbecue was wonderful. I tried my hand at my stepdad's baked beans recipe, and was happy with my first attempt, though I left it in the oven longer than I should have. We had a good crew of children, and Sarah kept them entertained and acted as their hostess. We had plenty of food, and no one left here hungry.

Mark was kind enough to spend his Saturday bringing Jake and Joey to my birthday celebration, and he also gave us a sofa and brought my grandmother's bed to us with his truck and trailer. The Ferrelli men drove back to Nashville yesterday afternoon, but I'm happy they were able to join us for the food and fun.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kindergarten Supper

We had an enjoyable supper at Sarah's school this evening and got to meet some of her classmates' parents. The kids played on the playground for a while before Ms. Waddell rang the school bell to call everyone in to eat. It was a nice event.

Sherry's excited about entertaining tomorrow, and she dropped me off at the house and went to the grocery store with Sarah. I'm ready to relax.


The lead story in this morning's Daily Times was about flooding in nearby Alcoa yesterday afternoon, and it includes photographa of a car caught in high water and of Springbrook Pool flooded. We had some rain here on Everett Hill in Maryville, but we missed out on the really heavy stuff.

I just got home for lunch, and the ground is still wet from morning rain. I hope rain doesn't drown out this evening's outing or tomorrow's shindig.

Birthday Weekend

We're celebrating my 46th birthday this weekend, but we're kicking it off with a pot luck supper with Sarah's kindergarten class and their parents up the street at Everett Park. Tomorrow's fare will be barbeque and fixin's, and we're expecting cool weather for the weekend, though there may be a shower or two.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Over the Hump

We're over the hump for the work week, and this one is a fairly busy one for our family. Sherry took Sarah to gymnastics last night, and she's going to attend a kindergarten curriculum event tomorrow night while I attend to Sarah's supper and homework. Sarah's kindergarten class and their parents are meeting at nearby Everett Park Friday after work for a pot luck dinner so the parents can get acquainted. I found out last Friday that one of Sarah's classmates is the son of a local title lawyer I know, so hopefully he will bring his wife and family to this Friday's event.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

National Atlas

Sarah is learning about the states in school, and I just searched the internet for a printable map of the United States. I found one on, and discovered that the website is a great resource for helping kids learn geography.

Bucket Trucks

Yesterday when I came out of the house to return to work after having lunch I counted five utility bucket trucks on my street. Some of the trucks were back in the neighborhood at lunchtime today. I suspect it is just routine maintenance of the lines, but I'm curious about all the activity.

Swine Flu Resource

The Centers for Disease Control have websites covering both swine flu and seasonal flu. A Presidential panel has opined that 30% to 50% of Americans will be infected this season and that 90,000 could die.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Keeper of the Flame

My cousin Michael lives in South San Francisco, California, and he keeps tabs on the music scene in the Bay City. Some of us are fortunate enough to receive his Keeper of the Flame newsletter, which has tidbits of music news, and best of all, links to musicians' websites, many of which have free music to sample.

Here's Mike's description of the website I'm sampling this evening:

Jay Russio has just released his CD Green Catherine. Jay owns and operates Balladyre Recording Studios in Pinole, CA. Some of the musicians who’ve recorded there over the years include Ron Thompson, Ted Wysinger, Pete Sears, Greg Douglass, Maria Muldaur, Kathi McDonald, Ben Perkoff, Nick Gravenites, Norton Buffalo, Freddie Roulette, Henry Oden, Earnest “Boom” Carter, Skip Soder and Yana Zegri. Check things out

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today would have been the 72nd birthday of my father, Phillip Ellis Ogle, had he lived to see it. Dad was a great fan of University of Tennessee football, and I always start to think about him as we get into early fall. Happy birthday, Dad!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We just got back home from Nashville about thirty minutes ago and are awaiting Les and Frazier, who are coming over for a Sunday afternoon visit. We had a good visit in Nashville, including supper last night at Jim and Nick's barbecue restaurant. I had their Brunswick Stew, which I really enjoyed, but everyone else feasted on their delightful barbecue.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

All in a Name

Sarah has a vast collection of stuffed animals. She has given names to the ones that are the most special to her, and this week she named one of her stuffed cats "Smonkey." With its new name, it has become a new favorite.

Her favorite stuffed animal is Kitty Leeter, and she has both Kitty Leeter and Smonkey with her here in Nashville for the weekend. She has a couple more stuffed cats, Fluffy Cat and Angelina (named after the ballerina, not Jolie). She has a small stuffed black bear she got in Gatlinburg, which she calls Butterfly, and a stuffed tiger she calls Diamond.

I find all of this interesting because I have been bestowing names upon things both animate and inanimate since I was a child. My favorite stuffed animal, Sleepy Dog, is one of the few relics from my childhood that I still have, and he looks as bad as Kitty Leeter does and has even less stuffing left in him.

I remember writing a piece in Law and Literature class in law school about the power of names and naming, which was one of the themes that we covered in that class. If you can assign a name to someone or something, you obtain a certain amount of power over it, or at least familiarity with it. For example, although the Bolsheviks were a minority party in Russia, the word "Bolshevik" means "Majoritarian." In early United States history the party opposing giving more power to the federal government allowed itself to be called "Anti-Federalists." The use of nicknames, or diminutives (or more specifically hypocorisms) like "Steve" for "Stephen," implies a familiarity between the person using the nickname and the nicknamed person.

The Zoo of Northwest Florida to Close

The Destin Log reports that the Zoo of Northwest Florida, a small, but very cool zoo near Destin, is closing. They are trying to figure out to do with the animals. We've visited it once, and we really enjoyed it, though it is much different than the fancy zoological parks we have in Knoxville and Nashville.

McDonald's Drive-Through

I worked at the McDonald's restaurant at 7030 Kingston Pike in high school, and my main position during my last two years there was on the drive-through window. I can't imagine why anyone would be so foolish as to give me a microphone at age 17, but they did.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports this morning that someone crashed a car into a newer McDonald's restaurant a bit further west at 9501 Kingston Pike. Scary!

In Nashvegas

We arrived in Nashville yesterday in time to pick up the boys from school. Joey is manager for the girl's soccer team for their school, so he had to stay on the soccer field until 5:30 yesterday afternoon. We picked up Jake and had supper at U.S. Border Cantina, our favorite local Mexican restaurant, and then went back to fetch Joey after we ate. We then headed to Grams' house, and the kids played in the yard a bit before we came inside for some down time. I expect some, if not all, of us will go get some breakfast shortly.

Friday, August 21, 2009

R.I.P. Les Paul

There's an article in today's Nashville City Paper about Les Paul, who died last week at 94, and his influence on the modern music and recording industry. Most people know Les Paul for his development of the solid body electric guitar, but he also created multi-track recording, which revolutionized modern music recording.

Trip to Nashville

We're heading to Nashville this afternoon when Sarah gets out of school for a visit with Grams and Joey and Jake. If the weather permits, we're going to spend some time at Rolling River pool, which was our neighborhood pool when we lived in Nashville. We plan to go out to eat with Grams after we pick up the boys.

Two New Restaurants to Be Built in Alcoa

The Daily Times reports this morning that two new restaurants are going to be built in Hunter's Crossing in Alcoa. I've eaten at Olive Garden restaurants before, but I've never even heard of Cheddar's. From their menu, I suspect I could find something palatable. It will be nice to have a couple of new restaurant choices nearby.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Haddock Recipe From La

Hi Sibs,

I tried this last night with some Haddock Stewart bought, and it’s yummy! The recipe said it would do well with any white fish.

In baking dish, mix ½ cup white wine, 1.5 tsp oil, 1.5 tsp flour, salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and parsley.

Mix sliced mushrooms and green onion with more of the spices above and pour into the baking dish.

Lay Haddock filets on top of all this mixture.

Mix breadcrumbs with melted butter and put over the top of the fish.

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes, then remove and add shredded Swiss cheese and bake another few minutes just until the cheese melts.

I found it at

Report on Tropical Storm Claudette From Captain Randy

On Tuesday I talked to my friend Randy, who lives down in Mary Esther, Florida, near Destin, and he gave me a personal report on Tropical Storm Claudette, which hit the area with 45 mile per hour winds early Monday. I told him about seeing a photograph on his local newspaper's website showing a bunch of boats anchored on Crab Island with the storm coming in. In typical Randy fashion, he said, "Yeah, I was out there with them!" He said he was sailing in 40 mph winds and having a blast before the really bad weather hit. By that time, he got his sailboat back to his place and secured it for the storm. Nevertheless, he ended up with a broken mast, which I hope he will have repaired by the time we go back down there in September.


I had never heard of Scoubidou, a braiding craft, until I looked it up after running across an Al Dente post about summer camp.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mystery Science Theater at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville

I had a couple of friends who were into Mystery Science Theater 3000 when it was on television. Tomorrow the Belcourt Theater is going to have a couple of the guys from MST3K in house for Plan 9 From Outer Space, which sounds like a perfectly horrible movie for them to cut loose upon.

Hot Wings

I've never tried to make hot wings before, but this recipe is one I might like to try.

Sarah in the Dentist Chair

Sarah had a dental appointment yesterday to get a filling. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to get all of the cavity, so she'll have to go back in September. She was really brave in the dentist chair, with assistance from laughing gas, which gave her the giggles. When I had my first fillings as a child, I chewed a hole in the side of my cheek while it was numb, so I brought her home afterward to be sure the same thing didn't happen to her.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kinfolk Visit Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Pictured above are my Uncle Mack, and his high school sweetheart, my Aunt Nancy, posing for a photograph in front of the house where my mom and stepdad once lived in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. The locals call the house, "The Old Robbins Place," and it served as the local chamber of commerce after Mom and Ron moved out. We spent a lot of fun family time in that house, and it was a wonderful place to be when it was winter and the wind was howling outside.

Aunt Nancy, Uncle Mack and Aunt Joan enjoy ice cream in downtown Blowing Rock.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ms. Nancy Sighting

During our outing Friday night to have supper at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant we saw Sarah's former preschool teacher, Ms. Nancy, who was out eating with her family. I spotted her, and Sherry took Sarah over to her table to see her. Sarah is quite fond of Ms. Nancy, so it is cool we got to see her again so quickly after changing schools.

More on Pizza at Wannie's

We ended up just making one pizza at Mom's. Fraz didn't feel well yesterday, so he and Leslie stayed home, and we found out later in the afternoon that I failed to mention anything about it to Laura Friday night. Usually anything I tell Les will get to Laura by twin osmosis, and I've come to count on it. Laura and Grace ended up going up to the mountains yesterday to help Stew, who spent the weekend working on their rental cabins.

The single pizza that we made turned out well. Biff and Leah suggested that we bake the crust a bit before adding the sauce and toppings, and it worked. In fact, I'll probably let the crust bake a little longer next time before adding the toppings. Mom also had an aluminum pizza pan that had little holes all over it, but I didn't perceive any difference between how the pizza cooked on it compared to our Teflon pan. Sunday's toppings included homegrown Roma tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and hamburger. Sarah turned her nose up at it.

Opportunity on Mars

This image of a meteorite on the surface of Mars was captured last week by NASA's Opportunity rover.

Tropical Storm Claudette Hits Destin

Tropical storm Claudette came ashore at Destin, Florida, making landfall shortly after midnight. The Destin Log has coverage, which includes boaters anchored on Crab Island watching the storm come in.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pizza at Mom's

We are to assemble at Mom's today to make some pizza for lunch. Sherry and I bought pizza crust and mozzarella yesterday, and everyone else is supposed to supply toppings. Today, the best pizza in Knoxville will be what we're making at Mom's place, but Knoxify recently posted about finding the best pizza in Knoxville. They defined Knoxville to include Oak Ridge, so Big Ed's was on the list. Harby's in North Knoxville also figures prominently in the comments. Here in Maryville I'd have to go for Tomato Head, Uno's and Fox's Pizza Den. I will walk by the latter on my morning walk in about an hour and a half.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aerosmith Cancels Tour

In further music news, Aerosmith announced yesterday on the band's website that this year's tour has been cancelled due to the injuries Steven Tyler suffered when he fell off of a catwalk during a performance. There's video of the fall here.

Tyler suffered a broken shoulder and had to have twenty stiches put in the back of his head. I hope he recovers quickly.

Woodstock 40th Anniversary

The Woodstock Music Festival began forty years ago today. The Rolling Stone has full anniversary coverage.

Settled In

After I picked up Sarah from Mom's house this morning, we came back home, picked up Sherry and went out to breakfast. Sarah requested Hot Rods again, and she ate a huge serving of scrambled eggs, along with other items from the buffet. We've returned to the house after a trip to the library and the grocery store. Sarah is watching a movie we checked out for her, and Sherry is watching one of her shows. We're settled in for some quiet time.

Little River Road Closed in Smokies

A rockslide has closed Little River Road in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park between Elkmont campgroung and Metcalf Bottoms. It will be a mess on the roads in the mountains this weekend. The Daily Times has more and a phone number for park information.

Awesome Bacon

I like this post from the 1,000 Awesome Things blog. I'm ready for breakfast!

Friday Evening

Our outing to Texas Roadhouse last night was a fun one, though it took them nearly an hour to seat our party of eight. Sherry and I shared their chopped steak plate, which they market as "Road Kill." When the server asked me for my order, I said, "I'm going to share the Road Kill with my wife." I've always wanted to use that line.

Sarah managed to talk Mom into taking her home to spend the night, which wasn't difficult. I'm going to take my morning walk in a few minutes, and then I'll make my way across the river to retrieve our child from her grandmother's house.

Friday, August 14, 2009

From Los Amigos to Texas Roadhouse

Sherry woke up this morning with Mexican food on her mind, and we initially planned to have supper at Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant this evening. Later in the morning, Leslie and Laura contacted Sherry and invited us to the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant in Springbrook Corporate Center for supper, so Sherry picked me up at the justice center at noon, and we had lunch at Los Amigos instead. We're getting ready to head to the Roadhouse, and I'm still full from lunch! Sarah's famished after school, so she'll make up for my lack of appetite.

Happy Friday!

It's Friday morning, and I just got paid, so things are looking good for the weekend! I had to make a trip to Dandridge, which is an hour away, yesterday afternoon. It is a lovely town on Douglas Lake. I haven't been up there in probably ten to fifteen years. I'd love to take a day trip up there sometime.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sarah Discovers Bologna

We have never been successful in getting Sarah to try bologna until yesterday. I packed her a bologna and cheese sandwich with her lunch yesterday, and she has decided she likes bologna, in fact, she came home and started eating slices out of the package.

Her school does not allow peanut products, including peanut butter, so we can't pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a kid classic, in her lunches. Her new appreciation of humble bologna gives us another option for her for lunch. With tomatoes in season, I've been enjoying some bologna, cheese and tomato sandwiches for my lunches too.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cool Spiral Galaxy

Here two galaxies collide.

Surrealist Joke

Q: How many surrealists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Fish.

Swans Reflecting Elephants

Sarah Meets Mayor

I took Sarah to the open house event at the Blount County Highway Department yesterday, and she got to meet our County Mayor, who shared with her that he went to elementary school at the same school where she attends. She's still a bit shy at such events, but she managed to shake the Mayor's hand.

Eggs and Pants

Sarah surprised us Sunday at breakfast by asking for eggs, which she usually avoids, at least with us. She said she ate them at day care. This morning, she shocked us by asking to wear pants to school. The child almost always wears dresses, except I've persuaded her to wear pants on camping trips. Although she flirted with the idea of wearing pants this morning, she ultimately opted for a dress.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blueberry Crisp

We recently used Jane's Apple Crisp recipe to make Blueberry Crisp, which we slathered with Mayfield vanilla ice cream. It was delightful! Thanks again, Jane.

Sarah's First Field Trip

The kindergarten classes at Sarah's school went on a field trip today to learn about teamwork by visiting the Mr. Gatti's pizza restaurant in Maryville. They even got to eat pizza. That is my kind of field trip!

Interestingly, she started talking about teams as soon as I picked her up from school, so the instructional part of the field trip obviously impressed her. Perhaps the best way to a student's mind is through her stomach.

Update on Steven Tyler

Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler broke his shoulder and had to have stitches in his head after a fall during a performance last week. Tyler left the road to see his hometown doctor in Boston. The effect of Tyler's injury on the band's current tour has not yet been announced.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kitty Cat Dance

This is horrible, don't watch it.

Snake at the Camp

This an e-mail exchange with my cousin Jim, a loyal Boongablogger reader, who visited our family cabin in Estill Springs, Tennessee, last week. Grandmother always reminded everyone, "It's crude!" Another favorite Grandmother line was, "Any resemblance between the cabin and a real house is purely coincidental."

From Jim:


I stopped by the camp last Wednesday. Didn't go in but stood at the top of the hill at the front of the steps into the cabin and saw something move. As I watched closer, this hellacious snake began to move toward the crawl space under the cabin. That was the biggest snake I have ever seen out in the woods. It had some silver on it at appeared to be about 5-6' in length. I'm not exactly sure how long it was because I never could see the entire snake at once, only a portion of it as it slithered under the house.I thought I'd better warn you. I'm not going to venture a guess as to the type snake it was, but it was big. You know the story... there's probably more around there somewhere.

Let me know if you are aware of other snake sightings around there.


My reply:

Dear Jim:

I'm so happy to hear you stopped by to look in on the cabin, though I'm sorry you encountered the large reptile. Actually, he's a friend of mine, and I told him it would be okay for him to stay at the cabin last week. Professional courtesy, you know.

If you've never heard Sherry's "Snake Lady" story from her first trip to the cabin, let me know. It's a classic, and a great example of why I love that woman so much.

La and Les and I are planning on a Labor Day weekend visit to the cabin. If you aren't already booked, we'd love to have you out. I'll have my friend out of there by then.


Kindergarten Blowout

The teacher assistant for Sarah's kindergarten class just called to report that Sarah blew our her sandal at school and to request that I bring her a new pair of shoes. I'm going to drop her tennis shoes and some socks by on my way back to the justice center from lunch. I am secretly amused that the child will not "scrunch" her socks down without her mother's direct intervention, so Sarah will have her socks pulled all the way up the rest of the day.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot Rods 50's Diner

We just had breakfast at another new restaurant, Hot Rods 50's Diner, located at 373 Hannum Street in Alcoa next to Pizza Hut. The all-you-can-eat breakfast buffett was $5.99, and all the food was fresh and good. The biscuits and gravy were especially nice. Two of our breakfast favorites, Sun Up Diner and Five Points Restaurant, recently closed, so it is nice to have a new place in the mix.
Hot Rods has plenty of neon lights and the 50's memorabilia one would expect from the name. The service was good, and I especially liked the huge glasses they serve their iced tea and soft drinks in.

Another Hermit Crab

We bought a hermit crab at the beach in July, and the creature has been quite entertaining, at least if you put it in the water. Sherry and the kids bought a larger environment for it last week, and we bought another crab yesterday. Both of ours have painted shells, but I like the natural shell on the guy above, though the glass shell below is pretty cool too.

Interior Decorating

Sarah has been asking us to rearrange her bedroom furniture for a while, and yesterday afternoon we granted her request. We have an old computer of Mom's in Sarah's room, and we've never figured out how to get it online for her. We moved it and the card table on which it has been sitting into the garage, and we replaced the table with a small desk that belonged to my grandmother, which gave Sarah's room six new drawers. We moved Sarah's bed perpendicular to the way it used to be positioned, and we moved the coffee table Sarah has been using to hold her television into the living room, where we really needed it. Sarah's bedroom has a nice, new look.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Halifax, Nova Scotia

My sister Leslie contributes to a blog for the company she works for, and she recently wrote this post, which is an online tour of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Lunch at Tom & Barry's

Sherry, Sarah and I met our friends Biff and Leah at a new restaurant in Knoxville called Tom & Barry's. It is in Rocky Hill, where I went to elementary school, near the intersection of Morrell Road and Northshore Drive in the building where the Doghouse Bar and Grill used to be. (Doghouse used to make a mean pizza back in the day.)

We started off with their onion rings, which were excellent and spicy. I had their Italian sausage sandwich, which was delicious, and Sherry had spaghetti with what looked to be some very fresh marinara sauce. Biff had a meatball sub, and Leah had the Bub's burger, which is named after one of the owner's son. We enjoyed the restaurant's excellent service and friendliness.

It was nice to catch up with Biff and Leah. Leah and Sarah hit it off from the first time they met, and today was no different. I also got Biff on board to cook barbeque for my birthday party, which is nigh. He committed to providing a pork shoulder and some ribs, which should feed plenty of people. Yum!

Supper at Sullivan's

Mom came over to Maryville yesterday afternoon to see my new office and Sarah's new school, and we had supper last night at Sullivan's Fine Food on West Broadway Avenue. Laura, Stewart, Andrew and Grace met us there, and we had a good visit and a nice meal to shut down the work week. Sarah went home with Mom last night for some quality time. Sherry and I plan to have lunch in Rocky Hill over in Knoxville with Biff and Leah today, and we'll pick Sarah up from Mom's before we meet for lunch.

Friday, August 7, 2009

How Many Suns?

You can ask NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.

La and Stew's Lodging in Vancouver

La and Stew found this very nice place to stay during the time they were stuck on Vancouver Island last week. I don't think they suffered much.

Springsteen to Play Nashville in November

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, originally scheduled to play Nashville next month, will now play the Sommet Center there on November 18, which is Sarah's and Laura and Leslie's birthday. Unfortunately, it falls on a Wednesday.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Local Businesses Closing

Five Points Restaurant, which was walking distance from our house, recently closed its doors, which made me sad. I've enjoyed many delightful breakfasts there, and one very fine pork chop lunch. I'll miss them. I hate to see local businesses close.

On my way from the municipal parking garage to our bar association meeting this week, I saw for sale signs in the windows of Tommy Covington Music on West Broadway. I used to buy my guitar strings there since it was right down the street from work, and the proprietor or his staff would restring my guitars for me, which was nice because it is a chore I don't enjoy. There was a sign on the window indicating they plan to remain in business, but with limited hours. I should make a point to visit soon and see if I can give them some business.

I bought my acoustic guitar just a bit further down the street at Roy's Record Store, which closed shortly after we moved to Maryville from Nashville. Roy and his wife Alma, who I got to know more than I did Roy, were a wonderful resource in many ways. I bought a lot of music there. Roy also helped us out with some office problems. In those days I dictated most of my legal documents and correspondence to microcassette for transcription by our secretaries. Occasionally a tape representing a couple or more hours of work would break, and you could run it down the street to Roy, who would fix it and save the day.

Stir Fry Cafe, a Knoxville favorite I've loved forever, was interested in opening a store in Roy's building, but I haven't heard anything about it in a while. That would be a nice use of the property.

Steven Tyler Hospitalized

Steven Tyler, lead singer for Aerosmith, fell off a catwalk during a performance last night in South Dakota and was injured and hospitalized. The official Aerosmith website has details.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Endeavor and Discovery

I like to follow space shuttle missions, but I don't seem to follow through with my blogging about them. Nevertheless, space shuttle Endeavor safely landed Friday at the Kennedy Space Center, completing its twenty-third mission. It was the 127th space shuttle mission, and the twenty-ninth shuttle mission to the International Space Station. The next crew of space shuttle Discovery have arrived at the Kennedy Space Center for training leading up to the next shuttle mission. The 134th mission will be the last for the shuttle fleet, so there aren't many left.

Summer Vacation Winding Down for the Brothers Ferrelli

Sherry is driving Jake and Joey to meet their dad in Cookeville this evening. Their school year begins a week from this Friday, so they are heading home to enjoy the last few days of summer vacation with their dad and their friends. Stately Ferrelli Manor is within walking distance of the Harpeth River, and J&J and their friends have been exploring it and fishing it all summer. Fuzzy took Jake trout fishing last Sunday morning on the Clinch River, and they both caught their limit and had a good time doing it. We've had a good summer's end visit with the boys, and we're missing them already.

Pecan Pie

Jake sweet-talked his momma into baking two pecan pies. Good boy, that Jake.

Sarah Captures Goat

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swimming Hole

Jake and Joey and I went up to the Smokies yesterday afternoon in search of a swimming hole I used to frequent. I had forgotten where it was, but my friends Kevin and Sandy told me how to find it. This swimming hole features a rock to jump off of, a waterfall (at times) and a good shallow place for little kids to play. I'm glad we found it.


Jake the Snake and the Outlaw Joey Wales

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cozy Creek Saturday

Here are a few snapshots from our trip up to Laura and Stewart's Cozy Creek Cabin on Saturday. The first two are in the cabin's kitchen.

This little bridge goes over the eponymous creek at the cabin, and these cool orange mushrooms were growing along its bank.

Sherry and the boys rode the chair lift in Gatlinburg. You can see the Space Needle in the middle of the picture and Sherry's toes at the bottom.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cousins at Luncheon

Here's a photograph of Sarah and Grace from last Sunday.