Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bear Bite on Laurel Falls Trail

A guy got bitten by a black bear cub on the Laurel Falls Trail last week when he allowed the bear to approach him while he took its picture. The human got a minor puncture wound in the foot. The bear will probably have to be euthanized, though someone has already set up a Facebook page to try to save the animal. The park rangers hypothesize that the bear became habituated to humans, who probably fed it while hiking the popular trail, which is just outside of Gatlinburg.

I grew up here in East Tennessee, and the locals here will be quick to remind you that a black bear, however cute, cuddly and loveable it might look, is a wild animal and can kill you. Especially dangerous is a mother bear separated from her cub. For tips on what to do if you see a black bear in the woods, click here. Stay away from them, and any other wild animal for that matter.