Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Restaurant Review -- Pizza Palace, Knoxville, Tennessee

When I go out of town, I like to find restaurants that we don't have at home. Before Sarah and I visited the East Tennessee Discovery Center in East Knoxville last week, I searched online for a restaurant on Magnolia Avenue and found Pizza Palace. Sarah ordered pizza, and I had a pastrami sandwich, both of which were delicious. We ate inside the restaurant, but they also have old-fashioned car hop service. There was an interesting machine with a lot of buttons on it on the other side of the restaurant from where we were sitting. I figured it was an old cash register, but I heard one of the men who works at the restaurant tell another patron that it was the control box for the system they used to communicate with customers in their cars in the parking lot. They had only replaced it this year, after forty-nine years of service.

A small pizza, and my sandwich and chips with two drinks was around $16.00, and it was well worth it. I know where we'll be eating the next time we visit the zoo.