Friday, December 10, 2010

Heading Into the Weekend

I've been battling a virus all week, and just as I was feeling almost human again I woke up this morning with the exquisite pain of gout attacking my right foot. Thankfully, my podiatrist, the good Doctor Franklin, prescribed a refill of Colchacine, and I am beginning to feel some relief. I'm going to see him next week for further consultation about the condition.

Despite the gout, today was a nice day, which included an office Christmas lunch. Everyone brought food, including four crock pots full of comfort food, sandwiches, appetizers and desserts, and we rotated through the kitchen on our regular lunch shifts. We were all very full after lunch.

The ladies I work with presented me with a Christmas gift bag, which included a T-shirt inscribed with the Latin sentence, "Vivis ut alio die pugnes." In English it is, "Live to fight another day." I've always been pleased when I could work a Latin phrase into legal argument, so this was a most thoughtful gift! They even consulted a Latin teacher from Maryville High School before having the shirt printed.

Sherry and Sarah just got home from the animal shelter. We plan to decorate our Christmas tree and otherwise deck the halls for the holidays this weekend. The weatherman is calling for snow Sunday and Monday, so it may be a long weekend.