Thursday, December 30, 2010

Restaurant Review -- Subs and Such, Alcoa, Tennessee

Subs and Such restaurant, 245 South Calderwood Street (across from Midland Plaza), in Alcoa, has been my favorite sandwich shop for almost twenty years, and I'm surprised I've never done much more here than mention the place, so I want to give them a plug. During the five years I lived in Nashville, I learned that steamed deli sandwiches are hard to come by in that fair city. There was one place, Paradise Ridge Grill, which is now closed, that had a steamer, but you had to tell them to steam it, steam it again, and then steam the heck out of it to get a steamed deli sandwich like they make 'em here in East Tennessee. Since I ate at Subs and Such on a weekly basis for about nine years before moving to Nashville, it is the Blount County eatery I missed most while I lived in Middle Tennessee, and I have been patronizing them regularly again since I returned to Maryville in 2007.
I have recently been on a quest to find my favorite Maryville/Alcoa chicken salad sandwich since the Palace Cafe under the Palace Theater closed. (In my opinion, the Palace had the best chicken salad in town until the cafe shut its doors.) I usually get an Italian sub or some other meat and cheese sub at Subs and Such, and had never tried their chicken salad sandwich until someone recently suggested it. I now deem Subs and Such to have the best chicken salad sandwich in town. They'll ask you if you want the bread warmed. The answer is "yes."