Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some More Christmas Photos

We bought Jake, an avid angler, a new rod and reel for Christmas.

Joey's been working out, and we got him a Shake Weight, a product advertised on television. In addition to the one we ordered, they shipped us a second one, which we had to mail back and which they billed us double for. They refunded our money, but it was an inconvenience. We also strongly suspect that they sent us two hoping we would find someone else on our Christmas list to give the extra one to in order to to avoid the inconvenience of sending it back. Joey liked the gift, but I wouldn't do business with that company again.

Sherry found this cool little cardboard buck model for Jake.

I'm not sure what sort of strange device Sherry put our children into, but they seem unaffected by it.

Sarah got a new gaming system, the Nintendo DS, to replace her Leapster, which she has enjoyed. She's been playing the Nintendo DS constantly since she opened it.