Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever

Sarah is out of school today after a bit of sleet and snow overnight turned the streets white again. Yesterday afternoon a snow plow came through, scraped our street and put salt on it. Sarah, of course, wanted to go back outside to put more snow in the road. "Let's do it again!"

It got down in the twenties here in Maryville last night, and with the sleet and snow it was pretty slippery out there this morning. Nevertheless, Sherry's office is open today, and she was able to drive there in my car, which I got out of the driveway late yesterday. Jake and Joey are also out of school in Nashville for the third day in a row.

Sarah and I haven't left the immediate vicinity of the house since last Friday, except to make a run for breakfast and groceries Sunday morning. We've gone out some each day to play in the snow, and we've done so this morning. That child would dig around in the snow all day if it weren't so cold outside.