Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finally, Snow in Maryville

Forecasters predicted snow in East Tennessee, and they originally called for it to begin after midnight Thursday night and to continue through Friday. All we got was some rain, and my sisters and I started discussing the idea of going up to Laura's rental cabin, Cozy Creek, up in Gatlinburg on Flat Branch Road. This morning when I got up there was no snow, but almost as soon as I brought the picnic basket up from the basement to start packing food to take to the mountains it started snowing. We've had steady snow showers since then, and the street in front of our house is covered, though I can see traffic flowing on East Broadway Avenue. I checked a couple of Gatlinburg webcams, and traffic is flowing on the Parkway. I suspect Flat Branch Road is slick.

Sherry is in Nashville visiting Jake and Joey and Grams. She called from the road yesterday morning to report snow in Crossville, but she made it without incident to Nashville, which does not appear to have had any snow overnight.