Sunday, January 9, 2011

Frigid Sunday

Sarah and I did not venture out of the house yesterday, though the roads were clear enough to have done so. Laura called a neighbor up at Cozy Creek, and he advised against trying to get up Flat Branch Road without four-wheel drive, which pulled the plug on going up into the mountains. La and Grace came over instead, and Sarah gave Grace a box of princess costumes, which they soon had strewn all over Sarah's room.

Sherry is on her way home from Nashville, and she said they didn't get any snow there, though I'll be surprised if she doesn't see some up on the plateau. We're bracing for another weather system that is due to move in overnight and dump a bunch of snow on the already frozen ground. Accordingly, I made the obligatory grocery store run this morning in case we're snowed in for a day or two.