Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Geeking of My Daughter

There was a story making the rounds on the internet this fall about a first grader who was getting a hard time from the boys at school because she likes Star Wars. Interestingly, my first grader has become interested in Star Wars by playing a Nintendo Wii Star Wars Lego game with some of the boys in her after-school program. It is not unusual for me to pick her up and find her and three or four boys in a semicircle around the television as the kids take turns playing the game.

I have been a Star Wars geek ever since the first movie was released in 1977, when I was thirteen, and since Sarah was interested in Star Wars because of her game, I made a point to watch all of the movies with her. We started with the first trilogy (in order of release) this fall, and finished the last movie in the prequel during the Christmas holidays. She was disturbed at Anakin's fall to evil, and during the lightsaber battle between Anakin and Obi Wan she said, "I don't feel good about any of this." I think she got the point of the scene.

At any rate, Sarah hasn't reported any negativity about her interest in Star Wars, although she has commented, "I like boy games." That may be the case, but her mom makes sure that the child has plenty of pink stuff and girly things in her life as well.