Thursday, January 13, 2011


My first real job, after being a paperboy for a couple of years, was at McDonald's at 7030 Kingston Pike over in Knoxville, where I worked three and a half years and learned a lot of things. I learned hard work and how to deal with members of the public, not all of whom are having a good day, or life. I also learned you should always be nice to people who make your food.

I started on grill, but eventually trained on the counter. When the store got its drive-through window, I ended up there, and I helped train drive-through staff at the Halls and Gatlinburg stores when they opened. (Gatlinburg's McDonald's no longer has a drive-through.) Because of my history with the fast food chain, I was interested in this poster showing McDonald's menu items from around the world. I had heard of the Hula Burger, but not of Hawaii's Spam and Pineapple Burger.