Saturday, January 1, 2011

Soggy New Year's Day

We have a gullywasher underway here in Maryville today. Sherry and Sarah, braver souls than I, have gone out into the deluge to do their weekend volunteer work at the Blount County Animal Shelter. They've been donating about four hours to the shelter each weekend for several months now, and I am quite proud of both of them for doing so.

As the holiday season winds down, we're ready to get 2011 underway. We already have all of our Christmas decorations boxed up, though I need to get Sherry to help me store the boxes and otherwise move some things around in the basement. Sarah's Christmas presents are no longer underfoot, and they all now have their places in her room, which her mother recently spruced up for her. I enjoy the holidays, but I am happy to begin the New Year.