Friday, February 11, 2011

A Visit to Cades Cove

Sarah and I went up into the mountains last Sunday so that Sherry, who had a strep infection, could have some quiet time with us out of the house. First we stopped up at the Wye in Townsend, and then we drove on up to Cades Cove. It was a cold day, and it was cloudy and dreary as we drove into the cove.

I took this photo to show the fields that have been burned by the National Park Service in an effort to control the growth of grasses and other plants in Cades Cove. They call it a "controlled burn."
By the time we got to the gift shop and the structures around Cable Mill, the weather had improved considerably.

Sarah wanted me to take a picture of her standing next to this cage, which is for catching the wild boar that roam the Smokies. In my many years of visiting these mountains, I have only encountered boar a couple of times. The first time was on Gregory's Bald, and the second time was from the safety of my car up on the Dragon (Highway 129). Boar are ugly and foul-tempered beasts, and should be avoided if one comes upon them in the woods.
We were disappointed to find that the water wheel on Cable Mill was not functioning. They had the sluice dammed up.

We had a nice visit to the mountains, and made it back home in time for lunch.