Saturday, August 27, 2011


It has been a while since we've had a weekend with no plans, and we are looking forward to hanging out together at the house this weekend. I woke Sarah up, and we're going to give Sherry an hour of extra sleep in a quiet house by going out to do our recycling and to have a bite of breakfast. Sherry will most likely be up by the time we get back and ready to take Sarah to the animal shelter, where they help out on the weekends.

I've been working on cleaning up our garage. Most of the fluorescent lights down there have been out for a while, but we've been getting new fixtures up so that the lighting problem should be solved once we're finished. After the hail storm, I shoved everything we have stored down there to one side so that we could pull both cars in if we were to have another fierce storm. With lighting restored I have been reorganizing things in storage and have set up and cleaned off (mostly) Sarah's art table so that we can use it again and can still pull the cars into the garage if we need to.