Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kid Likes Havarti

When we were up at La and Stew's Mountain Springs Chalet last weekend, I shared some Havarti cheese with Sarah. I'm pretty sure Laura bought it last time we went out to the Camp, and it ended up in our cooler. Sarah liked it so much she specifically asked me to buy some at the store. A small block of it was six dollars, so I bought her mozzarella sticks instead, but I'm impressed that she liked it enough to try to say "Havarti." Because I'm sure she'll ask me where it came from, I looked it up. According to, Havarti is named for the farm in Denmark where it was first produced by a Dane named Hanne Neilson.

My sisters, Leslie and Laura, are greatly fond of cheese, and they will be proud that their niece is carrying on in their cheese-loving footsteps.