Friday, September 9, 2011

1939 Packard

This is 1939 Packard Touring Sedan, from Car Lust. I seem to remember that my Grandpa Isenhour owned a Packard at some point in his life and that he was quite proud of it.

UPDATE (From Mom):

Yes Daddy owned a 1939 Packard. I will check with Mack to see if he has a picture of the Packard in its last days. Daddy sold it, and we all wanted it back so he bought it back and kept it for a while longer. He finally entered it in the Demolition Derby in Hickory, [North Carolina,] and it won. We have a picture of it with the win streamer on it somewhere. I have a pic also of Daddy, Mack, Me and Joan standing beside it. I have my lip stuck out because he had just fussed at us for something. It was quite a snazzy car in its day. Love. Mom