Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grandpa Isenhour's 1939 Packard

I recently posted here about my Grandpa Isenhour's 1939 Packard. Mom asked my Uncle Mack if he had a photograph of the Packard, and he kindly sent her this one with Grandpa posing next to it. According to Uncle Mack, the only cars Grandpa ever owned were a Model A Ford, the Packard, a 1950 Ford and a 1952 Chevy.

I remember the Ford, which used to sit inoperable at the back of the driveway at their house in Hickory, North Carolina. My sisters, our cousins and I used to play in and on the old Ford. There was always a sack of feed corn in the back seat because Grandpa used the car to store feed for his chickens.