Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Power T Crawdad

We spent Labor Day weekend at our cabin in Estill Springs, Tennessee, and Jake caught several crawdads, including this one sporting a power "T." When it tore two other crawdads in half, we knew it was going to be a bad day for Montana.

Joey and Jake and Sarah and Grace finished extending the dam they started building earlier in the summer, and it now spans the entire creek. I estimate that closing the dam lifted the water level a half inch to an inch. It started raining Sunday afternoon and rained all Sunday night and all the way home yesterday. If Estill Springs got that much rain, the creek may flood and wash away the dam, or part of it, which is okay. We've built plenty of them over the years.

We stayed out at the Camp Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, which is the longest Sherry and the kids have ever stayed out there. Mom, La and Grace also stayed the extra night, and we enjoyed just hanging out at the old place.