Monday, October 17, 2011

Boys' Birthday Weekend In Gatlinburg

We had a good time up at Sunset Ridge in Pigeon Forge this weekend for Jake and Joey's sixteenth birthday. Their dad brought them and three of their friends to the mountains for the weekend, and everyone enjoyed hanging out at the cabin and the obligatory walk along the parkway through Gatlinburg. We also played a round of Hillbilly Golf, which I haven't done in years. Sarah has discovered that she really likes Putt-Putt, though her version is a mixture of Putt-Putt and hockey. The leaves are really starting to get colorful in the mountains, and it brought out the tourists in full force. We packed up and got on the road back out of the mountains by a bit after 9:00 yesterday morning in order to miss the heavy traffic that we encountered heading into Gatlinburg from Pigeon Forge Saturday morning.