Sunday, October 2, 2011

Breakfast At Cafe' du Monde

The coffee is strong at the Cafe' du Monde
And the donuts are too hot to touch
But just like a fool, when those sweet goodies cool
I eat 'til I eat way too much
'Cause I'm living on things that excite me
Be they pastry or lobster or love
I'm just trying to get by being quiet and shy
In a world full of pushing and shoving.

From "The Wino and I Know" by Jimmy Buffett

While we were in the French Quarter we paid the obligatory visit to Cafe' du Monde to have beignets for breakfast, though we did not partake of the cafe au lait for which the Cafe' du Monde is famous. We ate there two times, sharing two orders of beignets, which was two each for each meal. Breakfast, including soft drinks and milk was under $12.00, which is about as cheap as you can eat in the French Quarter.