Sunday, October 9, 2011

Camping Snapshots

These are some snapshots I took on our camping trip to Look Rock campground.

Sarah spent some time drawing at the picnic table while I set up camp and gathered firewood.

The foliage is showing signs of autumn in the mountains.

These pretty purple flowers are scattered throughout the campground.

Sarah, an incorrigible ham, presented an impromtu concert at the amphitheater, which is just behind our campsite. The acoustic wall behind her still does its job well; however, the rest of the amphitheater has deteriorated. The yellow plants behind Sarah and climbing the wall are poison ivy.

Sarah poses after singing to her "imaginary crowd" in the seating behind her. The projection booth behind her is about to fall in.

The amphitheater's fire pit is overgrown with poison ivy.

It is a good thing Sarah's audience, other than me, was imaginary. I know a couple who got married here when I was still a kid. You certainly couldn't do that now.

As my father and grandfather would have said, "There's a fungus among us." This one was about five inches in diameter.