Saturday, October 15, 2011

Decatur Street And Jackson Square

While we were strolling around Jackson Square, we saw this man come out of the cupola on the Cabildo. I was quite jealous. What a great sun porch!

The Cabildo, Saint Louis Cathedral and the Presbytere from General Jackson's statue.

A cargo ship moves upstream on the Mississppi River. We climbed down to the water and put our feet in just to say we had. The water was rather sticky, which wasn't pleasant.

This is an equestrian statue of Joan of Arc, or "Joanie on the pony" as one of our tour guides characterized it.

We picked up the streetcar at Decatur Street and rode it upstream as far as it went. In retrospect, we probably should have transferred to another streetcar and explored some of New Orleans outside the French Quarter.