Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall In Middle Tennessee

For their sixteenth birthday Grams bought Jake and Joey tickets to fly in a biplane, and Sherry joined them in Nashville this weekend for the big event. Sarah and I met Leslie and Fraizer out at our family cabin in Estill Springs. It was a perfect fall weekend, although it was pretty chilly. We were very satisfied with ourselves after having a rick of firewood (cured oak and hickory) delivered to the old place, and we stayed quite warm thereafter. Sarah was on a firewood gathering mission all weekend, and her efforts provided us with plenty of kindling. I am sad to report that the door has now fallen off of the outhouse, also known as "Miss Murphy." I would love to know who Miss Murphy actually was, and what the poor woman did to cause Grandmother to name an outhouse after her.

A cold October night overlooking the creek will make one appreciate a cheerful fire inside.

Frazier and Sarah, the latter in a snit at the moment, sit by the fireplace with Sarah's Cat-O-Lantern.

The tree service that dropped the tree that was threatening to fall on the house quoted us their $175.00 minimum to cut the tree that fell parallel to the creek into two foot segments. It is a lot bigger than it appears in this picture, and it will be worth it to us to have it cut up so we can burn it in our fire pit down below.

No trip to the Camp is complete without at least one rainy night. There is no better sleep than sleeping under a pile of covers on the king size top bunk at the cabin with rain hitting the roof just three feet from you. The Boong quickly fell under its spell Friday night.