Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home From Camping

With Sherry in Nashville for the weekend to attend a pancake breakfast yesterday morning hosted by Joey and Jake's Hillwood High School cross-country track team, Sarah and I camped overnight last night at Look Rock campground, where fall is evident. The campground was much more crowded than it usually is, perhaps in part because of the Foothills Fall Festival, which is underway here in Maryville. Fortunately, my favorite campsite was available, and we really didn't see a lot of people walking around in the campground during the day. Surprisingly, firewood was plentiful, and we built a campfire upon which we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. We got into the sleeping bags early and left the campground before dawn.

I have some cooking to do today, and I still have to put away the tent, which is airing out on the driveway. The boys will be here next weekend with their dad, stepmother and a couple of their high school friends, and we're going to make chili and perhaps shepherd's pie. I haven't heard from Sherry this morning, but I expect she'll head home at or before lunch time. Sarah and I are ready for her to be home!