Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Swamp Tour

Sherry suggested that we take a swamp tour during our trip to New Orleans. The desk clerk at the hotel recommended the Cajun Encounters Honey Island Swamp tour, and said her children really enjoyed it. As you can see, they get you pretty close to the local wildlife. The big fellow coming up out of the water to fetch a Vienna sausage is called Brutus.

Sarah was pleased by the very fast motorboat ride.

Honey Island Swamp is full of cypress trees covered with Spanish moss. Our tour guide showed us that Spanish moss turns green when you put it in the water, and he told us that it can be cleaned off and used as stuffing for upholstery.

Here are a few photographs showing the part of the swamp we visited. The Pearl River and its tributaries flow through the swamp. The river was named by European explorers who found pearls littered along its banks, left there by Indians who were only interested in the oysters' shells and meat.

We saw a couple of these bridges in Louisiana. The huge rectangular concrete blocks are counter-weights that allow the bridge to rise to let boats through.

Sarah surfs on a 'gator's back.