Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wild Animals, Including Qadaffi, Killed

I still usually get my first bit of morning news on television via NBC, and the story that caught my interest this morning was the terrible news from Ohio about the man who set a bunch of wild animals, including lions, tigers, wolves and bears, loose upon his neighbors before shooting himself dead. Most of the poor beasts were killed by local law enforcement so that they could not attack any humans. It was a wise decision, but I am sad for the poor creatures that had to die because of the actions of the person who was supposed to be taking care of them.

The big story of today, I learned online a little later this morning, was the death of Qaddafi in Sirte, Libya, where he was reportedly found cowering in a hole like Saddam Hussein was when he was captured. I viewed some of the online coverage from U.S. and international press sources, and some pretty gruesome photographs and video of Qaddafi shortly before and after his death were quickly available. I will no doubt watch television coverage tonight and in the days that follow, but at the moment all I know about this important story I learned online, which is a new experience for me.