Monday, November 7, 2011

Restaurant Review -- Court of Two Sisters, New Orleans, Louisiana

When I was a teenager, Grandmother and Granddaddy Ogle took my sisters to New Orleans. Being a typical teenager I refused to go so I could stay home and hang out with my friends, which in retrospect was foolish and short-sighted. The grandparents took Leslie and Laura to eat at the Court of Two Sisters, 613 Rue Royale, and my two sisters insisted that we go when Sherry, Sarah and I visited New Orleans this fall.

We had the jazz brunch, which featured a buffet that invites one to sample many local specialties. I had shrimp etoufee, crawfish Louise, and duck a l' orange, and a dab of a lot of other things. It was one of those buffets where even if you just take a spoonful out of the dishes you want to sample, you'll still eat too much. The meal wasn't cheap. It cost right at $100.00 for two adults and a child, including iced tea and tip, but included live jazz.

Sherry is charming at the Charm Gate.