Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winding Down the Birthday Weekend

We had Sarah's birthday party yesterday morning at Michael's craft store, and it was a success. The kids made Christmas ornaments and ate cupcakes, while the adults tried to avoid getting covered with glue and glitter. At Sarah's request, we had lunch at Gatti's Pizza, which I still call Mr. Gatti's, as it was known in the distant past. We sometimes also refer to it as "Mr. Eddie's," as Sarah referred to it when she first went there.

We met Laura, Stewart and Grace, and my friend, Mike, and his family at Gatti's, and enjoyed hanging out and catching up with Mike and his wife, Julie. Mom came over later yesterday afternoon to visit and discuss Thanksgiving plans, and also to dispense birthday loot to Sarah, who has pulled in a pretty good haul on her eighth birthday. Leslie and Frazier are also planning on dropping by this afternoon for a visit and to dispense yet more birthday loot.

Sherry is helping her friend, Angel, decorate a tree for the Festival of Trees across the river in Knoxville. She's had a busy week baking cupcakes and preparing for Sarah's party. I suspect she will be ready for a sofa, a quilt and a kitty when she gets home.