Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cheese Peas


I was unable to find a post on this blog dedicated solely to cheese peas, a delight my sisters and I enjoyed again and again at our Grandmother and Granddaddy Ogle's holiday table, though I have mentioned the dish here before. I state as a disclaimer that my lovely wife disdains the humble pea, and would not willingly be in the same room with one except for her dedicated love to her strange husband. I like peas straight out of the can, heated with butter, salt and pepper. Alas, even Grandmother's addition of copious cheese fails to sway my beloved to give peas a chance. Our love is true, yet we remain unreconciled as to this one culinary issue. Thus with trust I do not offend my spouse, I submit Grandmother's simple recipe for this Ogle family favorite.


Two cans of green peas

Velveeta or American cheese slices


You can also add:

Sliced onion

Chopped boiled egg (one or two to preference)

Saltine crackers (for topping)

Drain about half of the water from each can of peas and convey peas to medium sauce pan. Your goal is to just cover the peas and whatever other ingredients you add with cheese sauce. I like the Velveeta method. You just add Velveeta until enough is melted to cover the peas. You can achieve the same thing with American cheese slices and milk or cream.

Sometimes Grandmother would add boiled eggs and/or cover the top with crushed saltine crackers. She almost always added the pimientos for color.