Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family Feasting at Shatley Springs in Crumpler, North Carolina

A family reunion is not complete without at least one family feast, and ours was appropriate to our heritage and location.  Relatives from as far away as Florida, Washington, DC, and California gathered at Shatley Springs in Crupler, Ashe County, North Carolina, for southern country cooking served family-style, which is to say they serve it in bowls and on platters and plates, which diners pass around the table.  Pictured above are Andrea, Sarah and Sherry.  Andrea, Cara's sister, is another granddaughter of my great-aunt Stella.

Most of the people you see in this snapshot are family members.  It took us about ten minutes just to get a count of how many of us for the establishment's staff to seat us.

As it turned out, they gave us a whole wing of the place, with six or so tables of the size you see above.  It was a wonderful meal.

There are several shops on the Shatley Springs property, and this fine Ford is on display beside the walkway to a couple of the small buildings housing the shops.

Here is a snapshot of the springs for which the area is named.  Martin Shatley reportedly discovered the springs in 1890.  Patrons are encouraged to bring jugs to take spring water home with them inasmuch as the waters are purported to have healing powers.  Several of us brought jugs to fill, and others bought jugs at the springs.  Andrea is using hers to brew coffee.

There are many Christmas tree farms in Ashe County, and this one was particularly well-groomed.