Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Day of Fourth Grade

Here are a few photographs from Sarah's first day at intermediate school.  Coulter Grove was packed with cars and people when we arrived, but this view doesn't show it.  Sherry dropped us off so Sarah could be in the theater on time for the sorting ceremony, and Sherry joined us after finally finding a parking spot.  Like at Hogwarts, Coulter Grove students are sorted into houses.

We found a spot near the top of the bleachers to view the proceedings.

Instead of a talking hat of sorting, Coulter Grove has sorting houses with two colors for fourth and two colors for fifth grade.  When students pass through the sorting house, they view a list that tells them what house they are in, if they don't already know.  The information was posted at the front door of the school, and we drove by this weekend to learn that Sarah is a member of the blue house.

It was an enthusiastic assembly!