Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Family and Friends in Washington

On the day Andrew was chauffeuring us around Washington, he took us to this sculpture garden. Sherry particularly liked this rabbit.
We saw plenty of construction equipment and workers in various places all around the mall.
Anybody who has watched any national news in the past few months is aware that the Capitol dome is covered in scaffolding as it is being repaired. I took several pictures of it as we drove around that area.
As one might expect, our nation's capital is filled with statuary, including this sculpture of Daniel Webster.
David and Margaret live in the home Margaret grew up in, and one of the focal points of the home is its large dining room table, where the family congregates for meals and games. We played several different card and board games while we were there. My personal favorite was Pirate Fluxx, a card game that requires one to talk like a pirate at various points during the game. Arrrgh!
I pose flanked by Andrew to my right and David to my left. As kids, David's hand-me-downs came to me, and then I returned them to Andrew a year later.
After dinner discussion ensues in the Albamonte dining hall.
Andrew and Sarah consult the computer.
Craig, a childhood friend of mine, also lives in the Washington, D.C., area, and he and his wife Lucile drove to David and Margaret's house to visit with us. Craig and I have been friends since I was eleven (Sarah's age) and he was twelve. In junior high and high school he was a jock, and I was a little, tubby, geeky kid who got picked on a lot. Craig kept the bullies at bay, for which I have been forever grateful.