Saturday, March 28, 2015

Visit to the National Zoo

Most of our final day in Washington we spent at the National Zoo. This male lion was roaring his head off when we came to his enclosure. It was impressive.

These lovely ladies were on the other side of the hill from the male lion, which may explain why he was so vocal.
Sherry and Sarah take a breather inside the Great Ape House, which houses orangutans. There is another building and enclosure within the park called the Think Tank, and the orangutans can move back and forth between them via overhead cables called the O Line. I've seen them swinging overhead from one building to another before, but they weren't in a traveling mood during this visit.
I've always been a fan of the Small Mammal House, because all of the little critters are so interesting to watch. We caught them on kind of a slow day, I thought. Here, Sarah poses with the anteater statue outside.
The Indian Elephant behind the girls had a big rubber ball in his enclosure, and he liked to roll it around the enclosure with his trunk.
This seal was quite playful.
We got to the panda enclosure shortly after the zookeepers gave them apple juice Popsicles, which they seemed to enjoy.
This triceratops used to be on the National Mall outside the Smithsonian Museum of Natural Science, but he has been retired to the zoo, perhaps because of kids climbing on his back when he was on the mall. I confess, I was one of them. He was fenced off, so I overcame the temptation this time.