Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Flowers

We have fog in our neighborhood this morning, but the forecast is for dry conditions today, which is a nice change after the rainy week we're had. Spring flowers, of course, need the water, and as of Thursday afternoon two of our irises had bloomed.
This picture was taken a few minutes ago, and it shows how many more have opened up since the first picture was taken.
Our azalea is in full bloom, and the flowers have held up better than they did last year, when they were all dashed off by the rain in a couple of days. The cats also appreciate the warmer conditions, and Molly in particular has been wanting out a lot.

I'm solo this weekend inasmuch as the gals are away in Nashville visiting Joey, Jake and Grams. I had considered camping, but rain is supposed to move back in tonight. I decided to settle for accomplishing some chores around the house until my womenfolk return tomorrow.