Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Gardening and Barbecue

We just got back to the house after having lunch over in Knoxville with our friend Johnny who was in town this weekend from Atlanta. He was craving Buddy's Bar-B-Q, and we were happy to accommodate him. We both went to Bearden High, so we ate at the Buddy's down the street from our former school. On the home front, the girls and I went to Lowe's this morning, and Sherry found us proper liners for our window boxes, which are now full of red flowers.
We still  have a few empty containers, but we bought enough flowers to fill several of them. I may yet plant some tomatoes and/or herbs later this spring.
Sarah wanted a cactus, and selected this one, which she promptly named Sandy. Behold Sandy the cactus.
My Grandmother Ogle always grew begonias along the back of her home on North Jefferson Street in Winchester, and so we bought a few in her honor.