Sunday, May 10, 2015

Moms, Paddles, Legos and Recipes

Sherry is in Nashville for Mothers Day visiting with her mom and Joey and Jake. She just called to deliver an eat-your-heart-out call inasmuch as Jake and she are heading out for several hours of canoeing at the Narrows of the Harpeth River. We've paddled it a few times when the boys were kids, so I know they're going to have a fun day.

Sarah and I went over to Mom's this morning to cook her a Mothers Day breakfast. We visited for a couple of hours while Sarah watched The Lego Movie, and then headed back to the house so I could take care of some weekend chores, which included spraying our house for insects. We've had a couple of small hornet nests, and wanted to get rid of them before they got any larger. While I was at it I figured I'd treat the whole house.

Sherry departed for Nashville yesterday after our moving project, and so Sarah and I spent part of yesterday afternoon cooking. She made sausage balls, and I made my Uncle Mack's spaghetti recipe, which Sherry requested. I cooked the roast for the spaghetti sauce for ninety minutes in the pressure cooker, and the meat just fell apart into the sauce. When I was a hungry, young freshman in college, Uncle Mack and Aunt Nancy fed Mom and Laura and Leslie one night a week as a way of helping out Mom, who was at that time a single mother and full-time psychotherapist in their hometown of Hickory, North Carolina. I got to join the meals when I moved to Carolina for school, and the spaghetti was one we always enjoyed.