Saturday, May 9, 2015

Muscle Grease at Fort Craig School

We spent this morning at Fort Craig School moving theater props and stage settings that belong to Primary Players Children's Theater Group. As you would expect, a lot of it was plywood, so I was glad I threw my work gloves in the car before we left the house. Fortunately, we had a good group there ready to work, and the job went quickly.
Sarah attended Fort Craig during her first and second grade years, so she really enjoyed walking the halls of her old school, which the city unfortunately closed. The building is still being put to good use, though, by the Boys and Girls Club.
This depiction of Fort Craig is a mural painted on the cinder block walls of the school's cafeteria, and I have always admired it.
This sign was there when Sarah attended Fort Craig, and sets forth some pretty basic elementary school values, which I believe the child has absorbed very well.