Saturday, May 2, 2015

Nashville Flood of 2010

This weekend marks five years after the historic flooding of Nashville in May 2010, We were in town that weekend for a Jimmy Buffett concert, and the chief of police and mayor came onstage before the concert to warn people about the high water we should expect going home from the show. We stayed at a hotel near the Vandy football stadium, and we made it out the next morning just in the nick of time.

Our former neighborhood took a lot of damage, especially the River Plantation condominiums. You can see how high the Harpeth River was in Rolling River subdivision in Bellevue, where we once lived, from the picture of Jake floating around in his neighbor's back yard.
Sherry's mom took this picture of the flooded Cumberland River from her home in west Nashville. The far bank is where that line of trees out in the middle of the water is, and the land behind it is a sod farm. For Boongablogger coverage from 2010 click here. Also see the Nashville Scene for their retrospective and more photographs.