Sunday, May 3, 2015

Picnic at Louisville Point Park

My sister Leslie suggested on Friday that we meet up for a family picnic in the spring sun at Louisville Point Park Saturday for lunch. As you can see, it was a splendid day to be on the lake.
I picked up my fishing license at the courthouse on Friday, and Sarah and I fished for an hour or so. Unfortunately, neither one of us got so much as a nibble, while anglers nearby were reeling them in. It was pretty typical for me, but if you don't have a line in the water, you know you won't catch anything. At least we tried.
Mom took us on a lot of lake trips when we were kids, although we were usually on the other side of the Tennessee River in west Knox County, which you can see in the background. I've paddled my canoe over to the condos you can see over there, and you feel really small out there in a canoe in the middle of Fort Loudon Lake as you cross over.
Sarah and Sherry took a selfie in the sun on Leslie's blanket.
We didn't expect sister La to come because she was heading up to Sunset Ridge cabin for the weekend when we last heard from her Friday afternoon. We were all surprised to see her pulling into the parking lot. It turned out car trouble cancelled the cabin trip.
Laura and Leslie squared off for a game of bean bag toss, known around these parts as "cornhole."
Sherry, Laura and Mom lounge in the sunshine on the bank of the Tennessee River and Fort Loudon Lake.