Saturday, May 23, 2015

Restaurant Review -- Grill 73, Newport, Tennessee

I drove up to Newport, Tennessee, last week on court business, and I worked it out so I could have lunch up there. I was expecting to find country cooking at a local diner, but one of the first results that came up on a quick computer search was Grill 73 at 616 State Highway 73 in Newport on beautiful English Creek. What caught my eye was that they serve American and Russian food.

I had three years of Russian in undergrad, and with the hope and expectation that I would actually be able to speak the language with a native speaker, I set forth to find the aforesaid grill after fulfilling my duties at the courthouse annex in Newport. It was maybe a ten minute drive from there, if that. I ordered the scalloped potato pie, which the menu describes as scalloped potatoes, pork chop, onion, mayonnaise, mozzarella cheese and their spice blend. The mayo was homemade, not Hellman's, and it was very tangy and about the consistency of ranch dressing. I could cut the pork chop with my fork it was so tender. It was a delicious meal, with good, quick service and it cost me $12.00, some change and a tip. I also note that they have a variety of good, ol' American items on their menu as well, including burgers, hot dogs, and a variety of sandwiches. If their pork loin sub has meat on it anything near as tender as what I had, it must be wonderful.

I did get to speak a bit of Russian, although not much more than to inquire whether the lady that served me did and to then say that I don't speak much Russian. I then quickly went back to my native East Tennessee English.