Monday, May 11, 2015

Restaurant Review -- Tupelo Honey Cafe, Knoxville, Tennessee

I had to run an errand in downtown Knoxville a couple of weeks ago, and Sherry and I had lunch at Knoxville's new Tupelo Honey Cafe at One Market Square. Asheville has had one for some time, and I've heard good things about it. The menu is expansive and has a lot of variety. I, of course, went for their meatloaf with sides of smashed cheesy cauliflower and fried okra. Usually when you order fried okra out you can pretty clearly tell they are using a packaged product that was breaded in a factory somewhere. This looked like it was made in the kitchen in a skillet. Sherry had a wonderful (She let me have a bite.) chicken club sandwich, and I saw several tables with hamburgers that looked pretty darn good. Our tab was $54.89 including tip.

Downtown Knoxville continues to have the same problem it always has had, which is expensive parking, which added $8.00 to our tab and which is why I usually avoid eating there when I'm on that side of the river.