Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spring at the Camp 2015

We spent last weekend at our cabin in Estill Springs, known among family as the Camp. I had clerks conference that week in Nashville, and I drove down to Franklin County from there. Sherry and Sarah hitched a ride with Laura and Grace after Grace got out of school, so I had a few hours out there by myself to tidy things up.
Jake, Joey and their friend Austin drove down from Kingston Springs, and they camped down beside the creek. Jake brought a gas-powered weed eater and cleared us out a nice spot down there. As you can see, we kept a fire going most of the weekend.
I was surprised to find trillium still growing this late. This is a new one I found near the fire ring.
As usual, we spent a lot of time in the creek. They boys walked out to Tims Ford Reservoir to fish.
It is our custom to cool a melon in the creek until everyone is ready to cut it. This one disappeared pretty quick once we cut it up.
We took care of some cabin business by having four contractors come out to look at the place and give us bids on the roofing and structural work that needs to be done out there. We also discovered we have an electric issue that will take more than changing a fuse to fix. The living room lights were out last time I was out there, and we were out of fuses. I brought new fuses, but they burned out immediately after being screwed in. One of the contractors also knew electricity, and he suspected we'd had an animal gnaw on the line. Last spring we had a raccoon invasion, so we have a likely suspect.
I found this crawdad under the first rock I looked under, and we put him in this metal bowl for observation before releasing him back into the creek.
Card games inside after a day at the creek is common at the Camp. This visit was no exception.