Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kids Cook Beach Food

We found out a couple of weeks before our beach trip that our condo would be available a day early, and so we rented it for that extra night. Because Mom and Laura and Leslie had our beach chairs and canopy in their rental SUV, we had to make do sitting on towels out on the beach the first day.
As I mentioned in a previous post, we included the kids in the cooking duties during this trip. It was pretty easy to get them to join in because the kitchen in our unit, which we had never rented before, was very nice and well equipped (except the microwave didn't work, an inconvenience on vacation). Sarah has been working on her chopping skills, and she cut up celery, garlic and onion for our homemade salsa.
The salsa was pretty in the blender, and plenty hot (jalapenos and chilies) on tortilla chips.
As always, Skippy the rat accompanied us on vacation. We stored a bunch of Sarah's Monster High dolls, and I claimed these shades for Skippy since his old pair got broken.
I taught Jake, pictured here, and Joey, how to fry chicken according to Grandmother Isenhour's admonishment to "Salt it; salt it again; salt it some more; and then when you think you've put too much salt in, salt it again." We used Whistle Stop Cafe chicken batter, which we got for Christmas last year. It has been a big hit. The box coated about twelve chicken thighs, and the boys' chicken was delicious!

The boys graduated from high school last year, and had so many senior summer activities going on that they could not come to the beach with us last year. I had forgotten how much food two teenage boys can wolf down in a week. We had gone through $500.00 worth of groceries in three days, and decided we'd better start throwing carbs at those two young men. Sarah helped me make a filling batch of homemade macaroni and cheese.
There is a competition at the beach among dads with canopies to see who can claim the best spot. As we considered buying our own canopy, I boasted that if the competition is to see who can get up the earliest, I can win that game, and I did every morning we were there, claiming the spot directly in front of the stairs and on the front row facing the gulf. The fringe benefit for me, was having about 45 minutes or so each morning enjoying the beach in relative solitude as the sun came up. The fringe benefit for everyone else was having a loud man who gets up insanely early in the morning out of the condo so everyone else could sleep. This is what is known as a win-win situation.