Friday, June 26, 2015

Last Round of Beach Snapshots

Here are the last of my beach photos from last week. This was my morning commute each day, and you can see our orange canopy on its prime beachfront real estate. The early bird gets the primo spot.
The first several days we were down there, they had the red flags up, indicating dangerous currents, and purple flags up, indicating dangerous marine wildlife (i.e. jellyfish). I only saw one jellyfish on the beach, and no one got stung. The waves were impressive under the red flags, and the surf was still plenty dangerous even when they went to the yellow flags. When I was out with Jake and Sarah under yellow flags, I could feel the rip current trying to pull me out to sea as soon as I got to where I couldn't touch the bottom. Fortunately, I was able to get my feet under me, and Jake was able to grab Sarah's float and haul her back to shallow water. He also helped a couple other young girls who were scared and calling for their daddy. In this picture, you can see the high wind from the flag, as Joey and Jake head out into the waves under Skippy's diligent watch.
Sister Leslie was dedicated to spending as much time on the beach as possible, and she made good on that commitment. Unlike her brother, she is not ordinarily an early riser if she can avoid it, but she brought pastries down to the beach for her breakfast each morning. There is no more contented human being than Leslie Ogle on the beach with some Jimmy Buffett playing.
Sherry has been posing the children in front of this purple wall in Seaside every year for several years now. They just keep growing up.

It will surprise no one who knows her to see this photograph of Mom with a book on vacation. When I took this picture I was focused on Mom and her book, and only later noticed the beautiful reflection of the gulf and the sky above it behind her. This patio was our morning coffee house before moving the group on down to the beach.
Have duck, will travel.
Waves crash on the beach during one of my early mornings out there waiting for the rest of the family to wake up.
The kids sleep like kittens piled up in the back seat with Sherry's quilt on the way back home. Sarah bought the watermelon purse in Seaside with some cash that Grams gave her.