Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Restaurant Review -- Jiffy Burger, Manchester, Tennessee

On my way from the May clerks conference in Nashville to our cabin in Estill Springs, I stopped in Manchester for a cheeseburger at the Jiffy Burger, 1001 Hillsboro Boulevard, Manchester, Tennessee. I've been there before on several occasions, but I always used the curb service. This time I went inside. While I was eating I noticed a certificate that announced that the Jiffy Burger has been declared a haunted location. The lady at the cash register said it was Dave's mother, and that she liked to tap people on the shoulder or throw bread. I love a good poltergeist with my fast food.

At any rate, the burger and fries were delicious as usual, and the iced tea was nice and fresh. The service inside is just as quick as the curb service, and you get good, hot food at a very reasonable price. The decorations inside show that the restaurant caters to the Bonnaroo crowd, which probably fills a lot of local coffers when it comes to town.