Sunday, July 5, 2015

Good Times With Old Friends

Sherry and Sarah are in Nashville visiting Grams and Jake and Joey, so our house became a bachelor pad over the long weekend, with my friend Tom, known as Brush, in town from his home in lovely Sugar Grove, North Carolina. Our friend Terry and his young son Thomas also joined us for a fun holiday weekend. Brush is wearing my blue tank top. Terry is the skinny ninja.
Like me, Terry is a relatively late in life dad, and I was glad he was able to bring little Tommy along to hang out with us. He is a good kid, easily entertained, and not the least bit intimidated by being the only child around. He was a good addition to the group, and you can't say that about all kids.
It was fitting and proper as I was enjoying the Fourth of July with two of my old friends, that my sisters should turn up with Rhonda, their dear friend since elementary school. Rhonda lived in the same subdivision where we grew up in West Knoxville, just a couple of streets over and a few houses up the hill from our house on Noragate Road.
Tommy was intrigued by our driveway, and spent quite some time crushing some pieces of asphalt he found. I broke out some of Sarah's sidewalk chalk, and we decorated the driveway yesterday evening.
Handsome devils
Good lookin' wenches
The cats were the only ones in the house not having fun this weekend, especially Molly, who pretty much stayed under Sarah's bed all weekend. She came out as soon as Brush headed back home this morning.
We spent a lot of time this weekend on our freshly painted deck, despite some rain. Friday night I brought out my guitar, maracas, bongo drums, harmonica and kazoo, and we proceeded to have a hootenanny out on the back porch. I hope we did not disturb our neighbors too much. Little Tommy was rocking the harmonica, and we encouraged him to become a bluesman.
Sarah's vast collection of art supplies served us well this weekend, and Tommy occupied himself with her big art pad and markers.
Emma was more sociable than Molly, and Brush reported that she slept with him on the upstairs futon. She'll be ready for Sherry to get home this afternoon so she can sleep on her on the sofa.