Monday, July 6, 2015

Restaurant Review -- Roland's Bistro, Maryville, Tennessee

We have a new restaurant nearby, Roland's Bistro, 1805 East Lamar Alexander Parkway here in Maryville. I had lunch there recently with a friend, and we were both intrigued when we learned that they serve German food. I had currywurst and broccoli with Hollandaise sauce, and both were good, although I think the sausage could have used a bit more of the curry sauce that was served on it. Service was slow. It took thirty minutes for our food to arrive, but I suspect they are still working out some kinks because they just opened. If they want to cater to the nearby justice center and hospital during the lunch hour, they'll need to up their game. Everyone was nice, and the prices were reasonable. They also serve American food, so customers aren't limited to only German fare.

The business is located in the building that most recently housed Shiloh's Brew and Chew. When I was a kid, the building housed the Jail House Lounge, so named due to the bars on the windows. It was one of those places you hear about where "the drinkin' starts at 7:00 and the fight starts at 9:00." When I moved to Nashville in 2008, it housed Lowell's which served food, drink and hosted live music, and back then Lowell's did pretty good business. He brought in the lunch and supper crowd, and then brought in the live entertainment for later in the evening. I've come to view the building as one of those doomed buildings in which all similar businesses in it eventually fail. Maybe Roland's can break the cycle. I've seen buildings become undoomed, but usually when a totally different type of business operates there. For example, Maryville Jewelers now thrives in a building that was originally a Burger King, and then had a series of failed restaurants until the jewelers moved there.