Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Audiobook Review -- Not Taco Bell Material by Adam Carolla

Sherry brought the audiobook version of Not Taco Bell Material by Adam Carolla on our beach trip back in June, hoping that it would be something the whole family could listen to, but it was a bit vulgar for our eleven-year-old to be allowed to hear. I ended up listening to it, though, and found it entertaining for the most part.

There's a nice rags-to-riches element to it, but also a lot of stories of teenagers/young men at their mindless worst. I was put off by some of the stories of humor at the expense of the innocent, perhaps because I knew some jerks like that in high school and shortly afterwards. All in all, it was worth the time I invested in it, if only to know to never get anywhere near a hot tub with Carolla's friend Ray in it.