Saturday, August 8, 2015

What's Cookin'?

Sherry is away in Nashville for the weekend to visit with Grams and Jake and Joey, and Sarah and I are holding down the fort here on the hill. After traveling to North Carolina last weekend and camping on River John's Island the weekend before that, I needed a weekend at the house.

Our cupboards are bare, so the kitchen is getting some use this weekend. While I went to the grocery store, Sarah made sausage balls, which were coming out of the oven as I brought groceries in. I bought dry beans for fifteen bean soup, which is cooling in the pressure cooker. I added a couple of bags of diced ham, so it is good and meaty. I have a chicken to roast, some of which I will use for chicken Tetrazzini, and Sarah said she wanted to bake some cornbread, which should go nicely with ham and bean soup.